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  Diploma in Advertising: Syllabus, Eligibility, Scope & Internships

Diploma in Advertising: Syllabus, Eligibility, Scope & Internships

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The Diploma in Advertising is a 10-month, full-time course that is one of the most popular courses on the list of professional courses you can pursue after graduation. The course is offered to young minds who have an intrinsic creative bend.

We have commonly found that students wonder how to apply for the diploma course, along with what the syllabus is, whether they’re eligible, what the scope is and even what starting salaries are.

Now, if that’s you, read on to find out the answers of all these.


Who is this course for?

At St Pauls Institute of Communication Education, the Diploma in Journalism course is offered to any and every student that shows a keen interest in developing a career in the advertising industry.

It’s a common belief that students with a BMM or a degree in the media only should apply. But this isn’t necessarily true. We invite everyone to apply for the course.

If you have that underlying creative bend, then advertising may be for you.

So yes, you can still do this course, even though you may have graduated with a science or commerce degree.


What’s the eligibility criteria?

This may vary across institutes, but at SPICE, it’s like this:

  • Applicants from any discipline may apply-Arts, B Commerce, Science, B.Sc IT, BAFT, BMM, BMS, Engineering, B Tech, MBA, Hotel Management, etc., -who have completed their graduation (12+3) from a recognized Indian University.
  • Students who are awaiting their examination (third year graduate level) results are eligible to apply for the diploma programme.
  • Applicants must be between 21- 35 years of age.
  • As English is the language of instruction at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education, Mumbai, proficiency in speaking, listening to, reading and writing English is essential.

If you just wanted to know if you’re eligible to apply, then go here and register.

If you have more time to spare, continue reading to know more about what the course has to offer.


What will I learn in a Diploma in Advertising and IMC?

In the Diploma in advertising, you will learn the nuances of the field- the theory. Learning the theory is important, because it forms a strong foundation to build your knowledge and skills on.

You will learn the nuts and bolts of branding, marketing - both traditional and digital, how to conduct market research, understanding who your consumer is, along with how the advertising agency works, how to master copywriting, the importance of user experience and website interface, client servicing, account planning, creating ad films, and alot more.

There’s a lot more you’ll learn. Read the syllabus to get the whole picture.


What’s the syllabus?

Term 1

Advertising Primer

  • History of Advertising
  • The contemporary landscape
  • How everyone can be creative
  • How an agency works
  • The collaborative effect – how to work with others involved in the process

Core competencies

  • Market research – Quantitative and Qualitative
  • Consumer behavior – Human Science, Semiology
  • Principles of Marketing and marketing strategy
  • Branding –Strategy and research, DNA, Loyalty, Design, Diversification
  • Digital Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Copy writing – for print, outdoor, ambient, digital media, radio, tv, etc.
  • How to work with your art partner
  • Becoming a Creative Director

Digital Communication

  • Introduction, Design, Building a digital Campaign
  • Grid based web design
  • Intro to UI/UX design, designing for Mobile platforms
  • Web fundamentals: HTML 5 and CS5 3
  • Introduction animation on the web

Client Servicing and Account Planning

  • What is client servicing?
  • How to write a brief?
  • What is account planning?
  • How to see your agency’s work?
  • How to do research online and offline?
  • How to mine for insights?

Media Planning & Sales

  • Introduction to media planning and sales

Term 2

  • Internship
  • Live Client project
  • Ad film making
  • Workshops
  • Master classes
  • Corporate Social Responsibility



Will this course provide internships?

What makes the course at SPICE one of the best advertising courses in Mumbai is the guarantee of internships. We provide 100% guaranteed internships.

Every semester, our students intern in some of Mumbai’s best media houses like WatConsult, Yes Yes, Why Not?, Ogilvy, JWT, Scarecrow M&C Saatchi, Inverted Triangle and a whole lot more.

Now, full disclosure: we do not guarantee placements, but it totally depends on your knowledge and skills to bag a job. In fact, many of our students have indeed converted their internship into a job.


What are some of the jobs I can do, after this course?

An advertising degree lends itself to multiple types of jobs you can avail of, after the course.

I’ll name a few job roles you will qualify to apply for, after completing a diploma in advertising:

  • Trainee copy writer
  • Trainee media planner
  • Trainee in Account Management
  • Trainee in the art department

These are just a  few. There are so many others you can do.


How much will I earn?

At the entry level, your focus should be on gaining experience. But as a starting salary, you can expect anything between Rs. 21,000 - Rs. 25,000, per month.


So, how do I apply?

Applying for the Diploma in Advertising and IMC course is rather easy. Just follow these steps:

Step 1:

Register here- create your application profile, fill in your details and pay the application fees.

Step 2:

Write the entrance exam. Here, you will be tested on your grammar, general knowledge and analytical skills, and knowledge of the industry.

Step 3:

Crack the interview. This is followed by the entrance exam.

Step 4:

If you’re selected, you can pay the fees and secure your seat.

In case you have any other queries regarding the course, feel free to contact for more information or call +91-9769905813. 


Beulah Pereira

About Beulah Pereira

Beulah Pereira is a Master of Marketing graduate from Curtin University, Australia. She was a former feature writer in Daily News and Analysis (DNA), publishing articles on a weekly basis. Following her education in Australia, she worked in the digital marketing field in several companies in Australia and is now part of the digital marketing team at SPICE. Beulah manages and lectures for the Principles of Marketing module in the Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) course at SPICE, and is the unit coordinator of Digital Marketing Certificate Course. Beulah is an active academic researcher, with one published conference paper and two published research articles in leading journals, including the Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics.



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